The Happy Healthy Nutrition Club

A product born from Jessica Lowe’s passion to cook, desire to inspire and purpose to educate that maintaining a healthy weight does not need to be hard!

Originally created in 2018 as the Happy Healthy Dinner Club, the Nutrition Club has changed many lives improving peoples lives through the power of food!

The Nutrition Club has been created to help time poor people fall back in love with Cooking and eating well, learning the basics of good nutrition! The weekly recipe, education and meal planning tools help take the stress away from mums (& dads) when it comes to thinking of healthy food to cook for their families. The mission behind everything Jessica Lowe does is to help woman understand and learn that calorie counting and restriction is not the way to maintain a healthy weight and loving the food you eat, guilt free is possible. Its is a lifestyle not a diet!

Here is what people in the Dinner Club are saying:

Jenna Van Bruchem- Perth WA

“I’m stoked with the results I made in just four weeks, I lost 4kgs! After 5 months I reached my goal weight and went from a size 14 to a size 8! 

I’m loving all the learning- especially about the things that are marketed as “healthy” or good for you and actually are not. It is just plain and simple good food doing its thing and it is so exciting to watch the fat fall off! Thanks so much for all your help and support, this is such a great thing to be a part of, you are killing it Jess!”

Kristy Botica- Perth WA

“I just love that I never have to think of what to cook and I never get bored, this stops me making bad choices.”

Sarah Vicary- Kalgoorlie WA

“I am so grateful for the beautiful food Jess, you’ve changed my life!”

Tracey Meyers- Perth WA

“Jess, I am absolutely stoked with the Dinner Club. I can not emphasis enough how much this club has helped me. It is such a load off my shoulders not having to think of what to cook. I had my body scan today and I’ve lost 3.4kgs of fat and lowered my visceral fat!”

Jenny Grant 

I turned 60 this year and one of the best things this year is that I FEEL so much healthier than I have for a long, long time – thank you for all your support, you have helped me so much.   I love being part of the Dinner Club.

Peter Lord (first male to join the club)

This club is so inspiring. I really need passive support from the group to keep my myself accountable. Every time I eat what Jess has told me to I feel unstoppable. I don’t want my kids getting physical problems because of the rubbish food we have these days. I will be making everything from now on healthy. I just want to say a massive THANK YOU again Jess for what you have set up and your passion you have for what you do, it means a lot to me and a lot to other people.