Initial Nutrition Consult

Nutrition & Goal setting consult

  • One hour consult with full health questioning- medical history, lifestyle, exercise, body composition and goals
  • The consultation process helps you identify your areas of nutritional improvement and will help you set SMART goals.
  • By asking a series of lifestyle and health questions Jessica or the team will be able to identify your areas of improvement and road blocks, helping you to put measures in place to achieve your body composition and wellness goals.
  • Feedback and information given during the consult will help you to understand the basics of good nutrition, making the food you eat a healthy part of an enjoyable lifestyle. We also send you a summary email which includes your personal macro & calorie break down.
  • Consults can be done in person or over a zoom call. In person consults are held at our office in Applecross WA and include body composition scans to gain a greater understanding of your current health including metabolic age, BMR, body fat %, muscle mass and visceral fat.

Additions to this include your choice of coaching which includes personalized macro meal plans with recipes or a Dinner Club Membership.

Happy Healthy Dinner Club

Designed to help anyone achieve good nutrition for life! Perfect for time poor families or professionals on a tight budget who need easy, healthy and delicious dinner solutions!

Weekly macro balanced recipes direct to your inbox in the form of a weekly meal plan, plus access to our VIP Dinner Club Community designed to educate, inspire and motivate anyone on their nutritional & wellness journey.

When you join you will get a seasonal recipe book for meal planning your breakfast, lunch and Dinners plus a members only on-boarding Nutrition Clarity Bible, which includes education to get you started.

It is easy to make a change with the Happy Healthy Dinner Club and it costs less than $1 per day!

Sign up by here and get your first month free!

There is also the option of adding the Dinner Club to a monthly coaching 1:1 coaching session with a body scan for $179 per month all inclusive. Please note this does not include personalised nutrition plans. Package is for 6 months only and is designed to create a sustainable lifestyle change.

Coaching Programs

All of our coaching programs will help you learn good nutrition for life so you can reach any health or wellness goal and if the main goal is fat loss than you are in a good hands! We specialize in sustainable fat loss and have helped thousands in the past five years through our educational approach and by providing recipes for food that tastes AMAZING. We teach you how to keep the weight off without deprivation, so you can feel your best forever.

Coaching is designed for the time poor people who want results and needs a realistic simple solutions.

Coaching packages come with personalised meal plans, monthly face to face check-ins with body scans or we can do sessions via zoom call if you are not in Perth. Coaching clients also get access to the Dinner Club which includes weekly recipes to keep you inspired and gives you flexibility if you have to cater for a family. Plus you get VIP access to our on-line community to keep you educated, inspired and motivated.

Basic Coaching 6 Month Coaching Package: $249 per month all inclusive (in person or viz zoom call)

Coaching includes: 

– Monthly consult with body composition scan (If you are not local we will try and find you a body scan partner or we go by your weight and measurements)

– Personalized Macro & Calorie break down

– Personalized​ Meal Plans with recipes

– Access to the Weekly Dinner Club recipes to give you more variety and flexibility with your meal plan.

– Access to the Dinner Club Facebook group for community support, inspiration on-line education videos etc

– Access to on-line booking system for booking in your monthly consults

High Performance Accountability Coaching with Jessica Lowe

Jessica Lowe is qualified in Fitness, Nutrition and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) so this package is basically going to help you get your life on track not just your health! Well let’s be honest it all starts with health and if you are not healthy than all else will eventually fail! Trust us, we know.

Combining both mindset and nutrition coaching the program starts with visualization and goal setting. No matter what limiting beliefs you might have, Jessica will help you break them down so you can really thrive! No matter what your goals are and where you struggle, the support with High Performance Accountability coaching is second to none and where Jessica’s passion truly lies.

You will get fortnightly one-on-one coaching sessions in person with Jessica Lowe, which will include a body scan, meal plan updates with monthly adjustments, plus anything else you need to stay on track! The mid month catch up will focus more on mindset and combine NLP coaching to bring the best out in you. If you don’t live in Perth, don’t worry because we can arrange meetings via video zoom calls and have huge success with clients in the UK, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne before.

This package will also address lifestyle stresses, hormones and mindset barriers. If you struggle with self-love and your have a poor relationship with food which is built from a poor relationship with self than this package will help you make the neurological changes required for a permanent positive shift. If you are not willing to make a change than don’t sign up!

This package includes everything in our standard package, plus the additional fortnightly meeting and mindset work.  You will also get access to Jessica via phone, text or email for on-going support.

$479 per month or pay $2,500 upfront for 6 months and save. 

*Monthly payments will be put onto a monthly direct debit payment plan, minimum commitment is 3 months.

Personalized Meal Plans

At happy healthy we believe in empowering our clients to make the correct choices for themselves using our advice and delicious recipes, which is why our coaching programs are designed to educate our clients on what is best for them and includes meal plans with monthly updates and education along the way.

Coaching with personalized meal plans can help you overcome many health issues/conditions from obesity, insulin resistance, chronic stress, poor gut health, low immune, fertility issues and PCOS. We only offer personalized plans for coaching clients and no longer sell 4 week personalised plans because buying a 4 week plan only teaches you one thing, which is how to follow a four week plan. Yes our 4 week plans get amazing results and the success of the Happy Healthy business has been built on our reputation for building amazing personalised plans but due to our coaching demand we no longer offer this service and we know the coaching process delivers lasting change. We however offer amazing flexible generic plans with Happy Healthy Dinner Club memberships which offer macro balanced and calorie controlled recipes direct to your inbox each week for less than $1 a day!

Meal Plan Packages:

If you are still adamant that a 4 week plan personalized macro & calorie is best for you and you don’t need coaching support we also offering the following:

  • One hour initial consult with body scan- $149
  • 4 week personalised meal plan, all calculated to your macro/micro and calorie needs with recipes included- $399
  • Includes a complementary check in body scan after you have completed the 4 week plan.


* Terms and Conditions: 

Please note if we identify a health issue out of our scope we will refer to one of our allied health professional partners for further testing so we can better understand your needs and really help you get to bottom of your health and wellness issues. There is no band-aid solutions or quick fixes with our programs.
All of our pricing includes GST. Consults need to be booked 7 days in advance and paid in advance. Cancellation fees will be incurred for cancelled booking with less than 48 hours notice. Meal Plans are written for the client as an educated nutrition guide, on behalf of Happy Healthy PTY LTD and all information supplied by the client will be taken into consideration when meal plans are created. Happy Healthy takes no liability for allergies, sickness and/or medical issues that might be caused from lack of client understanding from meal plan information provided. The client must understand the guidelines of the pre-consult paperwork and must provide Happy Healthy with correct information so the written meal plans  provide educated nutritional advice that will give the client positive outcomes making them become a happier & healthier individual. If you suffer from clinical illness you will get advice from our clinical nutritionist and we may refer you to an allied health professional.  All packages listed above must be pre-paid via direct bank transfer to Happy Healthy, paid at the time of the first consult or on a direct payment plan.
*After being provided with a meal plan from Happy Healthy, we advise you see your GP to ensure general nutrition advice is right for you. If you have any medical conditions, allergies or are pregnant Happy Healthy recommends you consult your GP before taking part in any meal plan.