Director of Happy Healthy, Jessica Lowe is a qualified Fitness Nutritionist. She likes to keep things simple when it comes to being healthy and helping people to reach their body composition goals by eating a balanced diet.  She is extremely passionate about Fitness and Food, in 2015 Jessica completed both Fitness & Nutrition studies with Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.

Jessica’s passion for healthy food and cooking seems to rub off on her clients and they can’t believe how simple and enjoyable healthy eating can be.  After five years in the industry Jessica has helped thousands of people to lose weight and reach other personal wellness goals to feel their best whilst under her nutritional guidance. Apart from the fact that Jessica is extremely passionate about helping people get results, and to feel better, she herself loves food and knows life is too short to count calories. This is also why she launched launched the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club in 2018 to inspire and educate as many people as possible about good Nutrition.

Using individuals body composition scan data, the Happy Healthy team can scientifically calculate daily energy expenditure, macronutrient needs and calorie intake, showing you how you should eat for your own bodies requirements. You will never count a calorie again!

Jessica and her team use the healthy recipes that she has personally created and tested making sure all the food and recipes in meal plans not only taste great, they get results. Meal plans are easy to follow and Happy Healthy clients will always get results- or your money back.

When you purchase a Happy Healthy nutrition coaching program or plan, you can be sure that food will no longer be boring and like many Happy Healthy clients have said, you won’t believe how much you can eat and still drop body fat. Why wait- book in a consult today and start your Happy Healthy journey now.

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