Be sure to top up your cup every day!

We can only pour from our cup when it is full. ❤️


I was inspired to write this blog when this topic came up while talking to an old friend about her amazing health transformation and she spoke of her motivation, being her kids.

“How can we positively impact others’ lives if we don’t have a full cup to pour from ourselves?”

At least 4 years ago, my cup was not full at all, I felt empty and I had nothing left to give. I was not the happy & healthy person you see today and there is no way I could have been a Wellness Coach when I myself was not well! The truth is that I was very unwell from living through too much stress and putting myself under too much pressure for far too long. In early 2013 after a very crazy 2012 I was diagnosed with acute stress, adrenaline fatigue, depression and sleep deprivation! No one had a clue this was coming, I was a successful Marketing Manager living in Melbourne, finishing another degree, just got divorced and under so much stress. On the outside to people who did not know me, I looked happy and healthy but I was far from it on the inside. This was a result of many things and it hit me hard, all at once from out of nowhere… you know, like when the straw breaks the camels back!

Wow- did I just share that on social media?? I have spent years hiding that, but now I realise that I should be proud of what I have overcame in such a short time and all without the medications that I was prescribed. I made food, fitness and finding inner peace the only medicine I needed! I want my story to be heard, to help others so they can relate to their own cups being empty and needing a refill.

Anyway, long before I knew my life/career would change I started working on fixing my own health issues the natural way- through better nutrition (food) and exercise (fitness) hence why my business is called Happy & Healthy with the slogan, “where food and fitness combine.”

My journey to living such a healthy life both mentally, physically and emotionally has been a long one but one more where I learnt that having holistic health is not a destination, it is a journey. A journey that we must walk everyday so our lifestyle is built on our healthy choices.

Some people who don’t know where my motivation to change came from (because I kept it such a big secret), or people who do not have full cups themselves might not understand this message. Or they might call my lifestyle choices/changes selfish, but the truth is after all my stressful situations and other medical factors, I was told I could not have children! So 3 years ago I made a promise to myself, that I will become the happiest and healthiest version of myself! I decided that if I was ever blessed enough with the miracle of having a baby, then being in such great condition- mentally, physically and emotionally would mean that I will be able to be the best mum possible. Always giving from a full cup! I thought to myself that I would be able to say to my kids that, “mummy makes people happy and healthy for a living” not “mummy works in sales and marketing for a corporate company making shareholders increased profits” (past life) and if I wasn’t blessed with the gift of life (being a mummy) at least I would know that I gave it my best shot!

Well guess what, positivity = positive results and after my many positive changes and the main one being reducing stress, I have been blessed with the gift of life and my husband and I are expecting a baby July this year.

When the doctors explained to me that, I had a very slim chance of falling pregnant, I thought to myself, “how can you just say that and give me no advice on my lifestyle choices to help increase my chances?” At the time, I had only just started dating Jason so I tried not to think about it and just focused on being happy with what I had in my life in that moment of time, this was a new developing skill I had found.

Later into my relationship with Jason I did heaps of research about how a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, relaxation and rest) can increase your chance of having a baby. So, I started making changes. This was always the driver behind my choices/changes but I didn’t want the main driver to be all about having a baby because it would send me crazy, so I made it about being the best version of myself, that I could possibly be. I was already physically fit but I was always stressed from my corporate job, I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t ever have me time and I had very low self-esteem from my MKR social media bullying experience, which hit me when I was already at my all-time low. After many years of damage and conditioning from society I didn’t know how to relax. So, I started making small changes, every day until somethings have now just become my daily practice like having gratitude. It was not long before I was studying fitness & nutrition, I had joined a CrossFit gym, started doing meditation/relaxation, yoga and I really started to learn what self-love was all about. To me self-love is exactly what having a full cup means. With a full cup, I started to feel better, healthier, stronger, I stopped caring about what people thought of me and I realised that I wanted to help others feel the same!

Eventually I believed enough in my purpose to quit my full time, high paid corporate job. All with the subconscious feeling of knowing that these changes were the only thing that would really give me what I wanted most in life, which was to be a Mum! I started to positively manifest my future life as Jessica Lowe, a loving wife, mother-to-be and super Wellness Coach helping many other women to fill their own cup!

12 months has passed since I started my own nutrition coaching and fitness business and it feels amazing to help others on their personal journey. I truly believe that now I have a full cup and this is why I have been blessed with not only the beautiful gift of becoming a mum but the power to help positively influence others. Why- because I have a full cup to give from.

By practicing healthy daily rituals like moving my body, nutritional eating and relaxation I have a full cup to give from, to be a great wife to my husband and the baby that we have on the way.

Pouring from a full cup is a wonderful feeling, I am very blessed to get to do this every single day (in my job) and I feel so blessed that my passion has become helping my clients become happier and healthier.

So, to all the beautiful woman of the world…. please stop and fill your cup!! Take a bath, read a book, go for a walk, cook, eat, laugh….. do whatever makes you happy so you can fill up that cup of yours!


Love & peace from Coach J Lowe xx

Feel free to share my story if you think it will inspire others. #coachjlowe