The Happy Healthy Vision

Inspiring people to live happier & healthier lives through the love of food & fitness!

Jessica Lowe – The Fitness Nutritionist

Director of Happy Healthy, Jessica Lowe is extremely passionate about helping people find their own personal version of “Happy & Healthy!” She is qualified in both nutrition and fitness and specialises in body composition coaching by offering simple but personalised nutrition solutions that work. Jessica believes that prevention is better than cure. She is not a clinical nutritionist and does not claim to be, Jess aims to help people before their health becomes and issue, preventing clinical diseases that come from unhealthy lifestyles and obesity.

The Happy Healthy vision is built on wanting people to feel- good, clean, healthy, inspired, motivated and energized- all the time. The Happy Healthy team make the process of getting fitter, leaner, stronger, more energized, happier and healthier as simple and stress-free as possible. Living a Happy & Healthy lifestyle should be fun.

Knowing that a healthy mind and body starts with commitment, Jessica Lowe and the Happy Healthy team pride themselves on keeping people accountable and motivated. This only happens by getting results.

Happy Healthy is most well know for it’s Nutrition programs working with fitness professionals. Creating personalised programs the Director of Happy Healthy, Jessica Lowe also works with corporate teams and individuals helping to make good nutrition simple and a forever lifestyle. Services include health consults with body composition scans, weight loss programs, cooking classes and lifestyle seminars.

Our nutrition coaching process is as simple as 1,2,3!

1: Get a body composition scan with one of our partners.

2: Book a $99 nutrition consult and let us help you to understand your body composition and by helping you identify your areas for improvement we will help you set your goals. We will also calculate and recommend your correct macronutrient split for your goals and send you a report.

3: Select a nutrition package that suits your needs from simple macro recipes, a personalized meal plan or progressive coaching programs.

The Happy Healthy Way

Cooking Classes


  • Up and coming cooking classes include our Superfoods class, raw vegan class and LCHF all in March & April 2018. Send us and email for event details and pricing
  • Raw food cooking class
  • Corporate cooking challenges and more!


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