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Inspiring people to live happier & healthier lives through the love of food & fitness!

Jessica Lowe – Wellness Coach

Director of Happy Healthy, Jessica is qualified in both nutrition and fitness and believes that everyone should have a holistic approach when it comes to health.

A note from Coach J Lowe,  “I am basically keeping it real! Real food= real results. It is not rocket science, you do not need to count calories, be sucked into buying supplements, juice pills, skinny tea or some other quick fix. Just find your own personal balance with food & fitness and the rest will follow.

The Happy Healthy vision is built on wanting people to feel- good, clean, healthy, inspired, motivated and energized. Making the process of getting  fitter, stronger, happier and healthier as simple, stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Knowing that a healthy mind and body starts with commitment, Jess prides herself on keeping people accountable and motivated. This happens by getting results. Results can be measured in many ways, by how people feel, by the improvement in their health and body composition, which can be identified by using the latest body composition scanning technology.

What sets Wellness Coach Jessica Lowe apart is the fact she is extremely passionate and has educated herself to learn and understand how body composition can alter your metabolism and hormones, meaning she can make weight loss a forever result not just another quick fix or life cycle. Using individuals body composition scan data, the Happy Healthy team are able to scientifically calculate daily energy expenditure, macronutrient needs and calorie intake, showing you how you should eat for your own bodies requirements. Working backwards to write meal plans in the correct food groups for clients personal needs, Jessica uses healthy recipes she has personally created. Making sure all the food tastes great and meal plans are easy to follow, this is why Happy Healthy clients always get results. It is never about calorie counting, it is about knowing how much fuel your body personally needs in the right food groups at the right times, making good nutrition simple! This scientific but simple nutrition approach creates an enjoyable long term healthy lifestyle.

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